BIM Consulting


BUILDING INGENUITY provides services to assist clients in implementing BIM into their business model or executing BIM on individual projects.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of a facility. A BIM is a shared knowledge resource for information about a facility forming a reliable basis for decisions during its life-cycle. Building Ingenuity conducts our Building Information Modeling process using AutoDesk REVIT and Navisworks Manage.  The BIM process is valuable for coordination and quality control purposes. 


During the construction documentation process, BIM addresses quality control by facilitating a constant exchange of 3D models between the design team, and "spot-checking" the design using clash detection.  Clash detection is the process of identifying issues in the design that are discovered by the Navisworks Manage program.  The model can be transferred to the contractor for further implementation of the BIM process during construction.

BIM for Facilities Management Consulting


Building Ingenuity provides BIM FM consulting services for assisting institutions and public entities in the process of transitioning to BIM Facilities Management.  This includes contract/RFQ language assistance, development of owner requirements and templates, assisting in cross coordination between REVIT and FM programs, as-built documentation of existing assets, and BIM Owner's rep services for individual projects.

BIM for Facilities Management is vital for owners to realize the ultimate return on investment in the BIM process.  Over 70% of the cost of a building is in the operations and maintenance phase of a building's life cycle and BIM allows for owners to employ strategies to prevent problems and be more efficient with resources.

BIM/REVIT Training for Architecture Firms


Building Ingenuity provides an intuitive program for architecture firms for training staff to learn how to productively use REVIT and deliver BIM projects.  As an architect that uses REVIT for ALL projects, Victor Caban-Diaz understands the pitfalls that architecture firms experience when transitioning to REVIT.  This training is designed to, not only learn REVIT, but for project teams to identify areas of "productivity loss" and to pro-actively circumvent them.  The purpose is to bring the architectural process in harmony with the REVIT/BIM process and to capitalize on it's strengths.

Contact us to inquire about our unique training format and see how we can help your firm increase profitability using REVIT and delivering Building Information Modeling.

Client Testimonials


Client: Kenney Lee Architecture Group - Loveland, Colorado

Service Provided: Basic REVIT Training Boot Camp for 4 employees

Kris Lee, AIA, LEED AP, Principal/Architect:

“It was very encouraging working with Victor.  He really knows the material and wants us to understand it too.  Our firm is deeply rooted in AutoCAD, reluctant to make the leap into REVIT, with Victor’s help we’ve started the transition.”

Client: CN3D Construction, Salt Lake City, Utah

Service Provided: BIM Consulting - Modeling Service

Jennifer Lanzetti, LEED AP, CM-BIM, Principal:

“There is not a greater feeling than working with a team member that not only gets the job done, but gets it done impeccably. When many disciplines come together there is often a disconnect between the creators and the end user. Victor has the well-rounded experience that produces excellent work, as well as results that encompass an understanding of all parties. Put it simply we love working with Victor.”

Client: TSAO Design Group, Miami, Florida

Service Provided: Basic REVIT Training Boot Camp for 3 employees

Jason Hagopian, AIA, LEED AP, Principal:

"The training sessions and ongoing REVIT support that Victor provides my firm is invaluable.   Our firm began using REVIT two years ago and Building Ingenuity’s support and expertise has allowed us to transition from AutoCAD quickly and effectively. Thank you Victor!"

Client: SOW Design Studio, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Service Provided: REVIT Consulting - Developing Templates for Firm and Training Staff

Jose Lobo, AIA, Founding Partner:

"We just want to express our gratitude to Building Ingenuity for their assistance with implementing a REVIT standard here in the office. With Victor’s help, our drawings are looking phenomenal and the team is working as one! Victor’s training has been effective and hands on, we are definitely benefiting from his efforts as we grow our firm.  We look forward to continue working with Building Ingenuity."