As an "Architect as Developer" firm, Building Ingenuity can assist or partner with you on your real estate investment project.  Below are services we provide for real estate investors.

Feasibility Studies/Analysis


Feasibility studies is the process of testing the owners project requirements.   This is accomplished by exploring different options to determine which direction is the optimal path for the project.   It includes an outline report of the project requirements as understood by the architect for confirmation by the client, a site analysis, and conceptual design options. 


The feasibility study will encompass the following design considerations: access, daylight, sustainability and green design options, area, usage, estimated construction cost, estimated construction time, services (water/drainage/electricity), and complexity of build.


Due Diligence


Before you finalize the purchase of vacant land, one must perform due diligence which involves researching the  local zoning codes, impact fees,  environmental factors, infrastructure availability, and coordinating with various professionals for necessary preliminary information.

Due diligence also involves financial analysis of the potential project to determine if it will be profitable.  A financial pro-forma will be produced and information from the owner's project concept and from the due diligence research will be incorporated to yield an outcome that can be assessed by the client.

Investment Collaboration Opportunities


Building Ingenuity is an "Architect as Developer" company.  We are always looking for opportunities to join with other investors and create profitable and impactful projects in the South Florida area.  Our target project partners include other architects, developers, contractors, or real estate investors who are open to collaboration.  Our ideal investment project is small to mid-scale "rental income" development with mixed use components and that contribute to the "walkability" and "sustainability" of the local neighborhood. 


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