BUILDING INGENUITY can provide an array of services to assist you in having a successful building project.



Maybe you have an idea for a project, but do not have the tools or recources to determine what is really needed to engage an architect for design and architectural services.  Hiring an architect to assist with "programming" can help create a clear and concise description for what is required for your project.


Architectural programming is a process that seeks to analyze and define an architectural problem along with the requirements that must be met in its physical solution.  It is a process of analysis that can apply to an individual space or room, a building, or an entire complex of structures.


Thorough programming includes a wide range of information.  In addition to stating the goals and objectives of the client, a program report contains a site analysis, aesthetic considerations, space needs, adjacency requirements, organizing concepts, outdoor space needs, codes, budgeting demands, and scheduling limitations.



Design is where the architect proposes several alternate concepts of layout, building systems, and materials for the owner/client to review and approve for construction documentation.


During this process, we will address your project requirements through any combination of floor plans, elevations, renderings, physical model, and/or any other form of visual communication to help you realize your vision of the project.   Code research will also be also be performed and integrated into the project design ensuring that the project will be approved by the local building department for construction.

Permit Drawings


When a design and a layout for a building is established, we can then produce construction documents, which are the set of drawings required by the local building department to recieve a permit for construction.  The process for developing a set of construction documents involves fine tuning of the details of construction elements and infrastructure within the drawings.  Coordination between multiple consultants and with the owner is vital towards making the proper decisions to begin project construction. 


In this phase, we will conduct coordination meetings with the owner and consultants, research codes and building materials, and advance the drawings to completion for submission to the authority having jurisdiction.

Construction Administration


Construction Administration services involves the architect visiting the construction site regularly to become familiar with the progress of the work.  These visits are to determine whether it is proceeding in general accordance with the permit approved drawings.  This is a valuable service for the client because it holds the contractor accountable.   It will make sure the building is constructed according to the design and decisions that were developed jointly between the owner and the architectural team. 


We will develop reports documenting observations from the site visits, attend Owner-Architect-Contractor meetings to assist in coordinating construction items, review and approve contractor payment requests, and respond to any contractor inquiries relating to the construction documents.

As-Built Documentation


As-Built Documentation is the process of recording the layout of the building for the purposes of producing accurate drawings that reflect the existing conditions.  The drawings can be produced for the owner in either AutoCAD or REVIT for record purposes, or for use by an architect for design.  Building Ingenuity will visit the site to take measurements, photographs, and then transfer the information to the owner via physical and electronic drawings and photographic report.

Project Visualization


Project Visualization involves producing highly-developed imagery of the project that is intended for presentation or for the client's marketing purposes.  We can provide this service in any of the following mediums: 3D photo-realisic renderings, hand-built and to-scale models, colored floor plans and elevations, power point presentations, and computer animations.

Client Testimonials

Client: Pastor Larry Lacy

Project: The Answer Church - Hollywood, Florida

Service Provided: Architectural Consulting for Life Safety

Larry Lacy, Pastor:

"The church and pastor had come under fire prevention code penalties in a local municipality. We (the church administration) were told to submit a Life Safety Plan to our city government officials. We searched long and hard for a reliable and qualified architect to draw the Life Safety Plan for our church.


Victor Caban-Diaz is not simply efficient, he's a professional. He explained in detail everything. From the drawings to the length of time it would take, all the way to the cost.  Victor made himself available to every phone call we made.

I understand, in business, the end result is to generate revenue.  With professionals like Victor, it makes it a pleasant experience to part with one's money!"